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It is said that eyes are the window to the soul. One’s smile, the position and color of one’s teeth are too. Stress and the pace of our lives is reflected in our mouths. The gum retracts, the teeth and temporomandibular joint wear down, and the whitish tone of one’s teeth darkens over time. Despite our efforts to maintain our smile, time and the circumstances that affect our lives are noticeable in our mouths.

Dentistry is the science that helps improve or restore the appearance of our mouth. Above all we want to keep your mouth healthy.

At Dental Esthetic BCN, we are specialists in maintaining or recovering your smile, in maintaining or recuperating your dental health and we train every day to achieve it. Dr. Xavier Rodríguez Ciurana, a maxillofacial surgeon, and his team have ample experience in recovering the appearance of one’s smile, teeth and gums, as well as inhibiting the negative aspects that occur in one’s mouth over time. Dental Esthetic BCN has cutting-edge technology in diagnosis and dental treatment in order to achieve optimal results. Let us take care of your health and your esthetics.

The Dental Esthetic BCN team has extensive experience in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. The new facilities of the clinic allow for the rigorous application of treatments in order to achieve optimum results.

The Dental Esthetic BCN’s medical staff is a multidisciplinary team and a leader in the most advanced dental implant treatments on an international level. The team is in continuous training and our treatments cutting-edge. Dr. Rodríguez and his team participate as speakers in national and international forums sharing the results obtained from more than 20 years of surgical and prosthetic experience and development in maxillofacial surgery. They are leaders and pioneers in the treatments to enhance gums in the prevention of recessions around teeth and implants, as well as the prevention of periimplantitis in implants. They are authors of scientific articles in national and international journals and books on topics related to implant dentistry and BOPT, as well as pterygoid implants. The Dental Esthetic BCN team is also a leader in treatments, for advanced endodontic and dental trauma, having achieved results that are of national and international acclaim. In orthodontics, we combine conventional validated treatments with the most innovative treatments provided by the digital environment and new materials, such as the Invisalign® system or F 22®. As a result of hospital training and experience, we are also able to attend to dental fracture emergencies in order to preserve the maximum viability of teeth and prevent complications caused by