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Dental esthetics and the esthetics of one’s smile

A smile drives one’s facial expression and beauty. Dental esthetics and the esthetics of one’s smile are conditioned by dental, gingival and anatomical factors that must be evaluated before performing the treatment. The Dental Esthetic BCN team will help you choose your best smile.

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Digital Design of the Smile

Dental esthetics and the esthetics of one’s smile are very personal. That is why we use the photographs we obtain in our photographic studio and why we digitally modify them (Digital Design of the Smile) to make your choice easier.

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Dental hygiene

Proper esthetics begins with healthy and clean teeth. Dental hygiene and its maintenance it is our priority and starting point.

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Missing teeth can be replaced by performing implants.

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Conical (tapered) abutments

The use of conical (tapered) abutments in the restorations makes it easier to mimic existing teeth, giving the implant a natural appearance.

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•The position of teeth can be corrected by orthodontics.

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Veneers can be used to correct the shape of teeth.

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Dental whitening

Tooth color can be improved by the techniques in dental whitening.

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Gum grafts or BOPT

Orthodontics, gum grafts (connective tissue) or BOPT crowns can fix gingival recessions. All these treatments make the gum stronger. At Dental Esthetic BCN we will advise you as to which treatment is the most suitable for you. Regardless of the esthetic treatment that we perform, keeping your mouth healthy is our priority.