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Bone or biomaterial grafting

Sometimes the anatomy of the jaws or bone volume is deficient and a graft is needed previous to implant placement or at the time of implant Bone or biomaterial graft is the procedure by which the surgeon places additional bone that has been taken from another area of ​​the patient or adds artificial biomaterial to the area being treated to obtain greater volume and strength. Currently the placement of biomaterial is usually the first option because it provides good results without causing the discomfort that a graft can have.

Requires infiltrative anesthesia:

  • Anesthesia will last for about an hour.

Duration of the session:

  • About 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of the reconstruction.

Number of appointments or sessions:

  • Surgery is usually done in one session. Sometimes, if the case is severe, it is first necessary to perform the graft and wait 4-6 months before placing the implants. In these cases after placing the implants, it is better to wait 4 more months for the osseointegration of the implants before performing the prosthesis.


  • Depending on the size of the graft there can be inflammation and discomfort during the first week. Hematomas may appear in cases of major reconstructions.