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Gum or connective tissue grafts

Sometimes the anatomy of the jaws requires an increase in the volume of the gum to achieve a more resistant gum and better esthetics. It is usually appropriate in patients who have shortening of the gum or gingival recession around the teeth or implants. Having had gingivitis, periodontitis or periimplantitis may have triggered a recession. The gum donor area may be the maxillary tuberosity or the palate.

Requires infiltrative anesthesia:

  • Anesthesia will act for about an hour.

Duration of the session:

  • About 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of the graft.

Number of appointments or sessions:

  • It is done in one session.


  • Some inflammation during the first days is normal. Sometimes one may feel discomfort in the gum donor area of the palate.