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BOPT crowns

When the tooth has lost volume due to decay or dental fracture, it is necessary to make a crown that covers the entire tooth and recuperates its natural appearance.

Sometimes old crowns using traditional techniques darken the gum and favor gum recession. In these cases, the renewal of the crowns using the BOPT technique is recommended.

A BOPT crown improves the tissue response of the gum around periodontal This technique achieves spontaneous thickening of the gum, improving the tooth’s resistance and its long-term esthetics. The shape that we give to the crown is the key factor that will guide the tissues. The crown will be made by one of the laboratories with more experience in this technique nationwide.

Requires infiltrative anesthesia:

  • Anesthesia lasts about an hour after its application.

Duration of the session:

  • About 1-3 hours depending on the number of treated teeth.

Number of visits or sessions:

  • It is done in 3-4 sessions. In the second session, the provisional crown that guides the tissues is placed. The final crown is placed after 4 weeks. In cases of gum augmentation the treatment period is extended.


  • Immediate once anesthesia has worn off.